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Applies to versions: 3.2

Accrual Groups

Accrual Groups provide a way to set the types and amount of benefits that will be accrued for employees. If you have groups of employees who earn different benefits or at different rates (hourly and salary, for example), create an accrual group for each and set the accrual rules as needed.


The Payroll Integration with Benefits Tracking module (IPSQBI) is required.

Included features:


With the optional Advanced Benefits Tracking module (IPSBEN), the following features are added:




Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Benefits » Accrual Groups

Accrual Groups are used to track a set of employees with related accrual rules. Most companies will only need one accrual group. Separate groups are useful when you have multiple classes of employees with different rules; for example, a company may have different benefit rules for full-time and part-time employees.



Create an Accrual Group




Use a Default Accrual Group

If there is more than one accrual group, select one of them to be the Default Group. Employees will automatically be associated with this group (and therefore will be effected by this groups accrual terms), unless they are manually designated into a different group.




Edit an Accrual Group - General

The General tab configures the employees who belong to the group.





Edit an Accrual Group by Benefit Type

The remaining tabs are for specific accrual types, such as Sick or Vacation. The top part of these tabs contains the tenure levels for the accrual type, the middle sections contain general and advanced settings that apply regardless of tenure, while the bottom section allows for periodic modifications of both tenure and general settings.



Tenure Levels

Tenure levels allow employees to earn different amounts of benefits based on how long they have been employed. When the TimeIPS Accrual Engine calculates benefits for an employee it will select tenure levels strictly based on the Tenure Starts After and Tenure Ends Before fields.

In the event that more than one tenure level could apply at the same time, the level that the employee qualified for most recently is selected, even if it accrues a lower benefit amount.  Caution:  Do not configure two or more tenure levels to become active at the same time.  For example, do not create a tenure level that starts after 14 days, and another that starts after 2 weeks.  If this does occur, TimeIPS will simply pick one of the two levels and apply it.




General Settings




Advanced Options





Periodic Modifications for Tenure Levels

Periodic Modifications can be configured to automatic reduce, add, or reset accrual time.





Modification and Accrual Ordering

If possible, configure modifications and accruals to happen at different times. If they must occur at the exact same time, use the System -> Company/Divisions -> Settings option to specify if Accruals or Modifications should be processed first.



Recalculating Accruals

After changing accrual rules, all subsequent accruals will use the updated settings. To apply modified rules to time past, the accruals must be recalculated.

To request recalculation of accruals for all employees or for a selected list of employees, access the Benefit Totals page.

Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Benefits » Employee Benefit Details


For more information, go to the Set Reset Recalulate Benefits article.

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