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Applies to versions: 1.6, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Repeating Schedules

Repeating schedules allow a manager to configure schedules once for an employee and have that schedule automatically copy forward.

Repeating schedules can be enabled or disabled on the Global Schedule Settings page. Repeating schedules are enabled by choosing a number of weeks that should be "repeated" forward in an employee's schedule. The way this works is that the most recently defined schedule for an employee is assumed to be the current schedule. See the below example.

In the example we defined a schedule (which we call A) during week 1. We have made no further edits so from that point forward schedule A is repeated forward. Unless we make any other changes we will continue to assume that schedule A is still valid. If we were to make changes it would look like the next example.

During week 4 we made a change to the schedule creating what we will call schedule B. Now from week 4 forward this is assumed to be the correct schedule.


This same principle applies if you choose to have more than one week repeat at a time. Consider this example where we have two week repeating schedules

We defined schedules A and B over a two week period, weeks 1 and 2. Those two weeks continue to repeat forward in a leapfrog fashion. Until a change is made to one of these threads this schedule will continue to repeat forward.

Here we have made a change during week 4. Schedule A still continues to repeat forward as normal, but schedule C is now being repeated forward until its thread is changed again. In this example weeks 7 and 8 (not shown) would follow schedules A and C respectively.

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