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Applies to versions: 1.11, 2.0, 2.1

Employee Status View

The Employee Status View is an electronic In/Out board for tracking employee's status throughout the day.


Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Directory


General Information


  • All active employees are listed on the Employee Status View screen along with their current In or Out status and the last Job they worked. By default, this information is viewable by all employees.
  • NOTE: To require employees to be logged in to view employee status, go to Administration >> System >> Company/Divisions >> Directory tab.


  • Employees currently clocked IN have their clock status displayed in green text.

  • Employees currently clocked OUT  have their clock status displayed in red text.



Display Options


  • To expand the Display Options window, click on the + (plus) sign in the upper left-hand corner of the Display Options bar.

  • The Employee Status View can be filtered by clock status (in or out), Manager, Organizational Unit, or Site.
    NOTE: Employees who clock in at a site via telephone or remote clocking will not appear on the filtered list unless the applicable site coverage tracking has been set in the Global Settings under Site Administration.

  • Choose the filters you want to use, then click on the Display button to view the changes made.



Status Messages


  • Employees can view the Status message for all employees, but can only edit the Status message for themselves, unless Directory Status permissions have been set up by an administrator.

  • Managers can view the Status message for all employees, but can only edit the Status message for themselves, their employees, and/or their employee's employees.

  • Those with Directory Status permissions can edit the status message for all employees. See the article on Adding and Removing Status Messages for more information.

  • Payroll Administrators can also add, change or remove status messages from the default list by using Global Status Controls  since they have Global Directory Status permissions. Those with these permissions can also apply them to other employees/admins. 




Automatic Refresh



  • When viewing the Employee Status screen, users can choose to automatically refresh the Status View screen at clock out or once every minute by navigating to the Main Menu » My Settings and selecting "Refresh Automatically " on the General tab.
    TIP: Click on "change your default" to go directly to the My Settings page.

  • If your default setting in My Settings is configured not to automatically refresh the Employee Status View screen, you can overwrite this setting by checking Automatically refresh this page at the top of the Status View list.
    NOTE: When the automatic refresh option is activated, the Employee Status View screen will not refresh while you are making changes. It will refresh after one minute of inactivity.



Clock In Note


  • When clocking in or out, a comment can be entered to accompany it. The clock in comment then appears on the Employee Status page as the Clock In Note.

  • Employees can view but not edit Clock In Notes.

  • Administrators with permission to edit Clock Events, can add and edit Clock In Notes for either all employees or just the ones they manage. This can be done from the Employee Status View screen and by editing the event in the employee's Time Edit/Report.
    NOTE: See a break down of permission defaults for the different admin levels.

  • To add or edit, simply click on the "Empty" box or on an existing comment. Type the new message and hit Tab. The box will be blue while editing and will turn white once it's saved.

  • Once a clock note is entered, it can be edited only until the employee clocks again. After the employee clocks again, the clock note is "locked" from future edit and is cleared from the Employee Status View screen.

See Also:
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