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Applies to versions: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Administrator's Implementation Guide

This guide for TimeIPS administrators covers the initial process of configuring and understanding the TimeIPS system. After reviewing this documentation fully, should you have any further questions, please use the knowledgebase search, or contact TimeIPS Support at 316-264-1600.

Thank you! for purchasing a TimeIPS system. Your new TimeIPS system is designed to save you money by simplifying your employee time tracking, streamlining your payroll preparation and increasing your workforce productivity.

(For aid in navigating this guide, there are multiple "hyperlinks" that will take you to the corresponding article in the TimeIPS knowledge base. Simply click on the subject link in BLUE or PURPLE (color may vary depending on your browser) anywhere in this document to get more information on that particular subject.)

Process Overview

This is the general process that you will follow to implement your new TimeIPS system:

  1. Installation of Hardware - Use the printed guides that came with the hardware.

  2. Settings and Configuration of the TimeIPS System - Read This Administrator's Implementation Guide

  3. Manager Training - Provide a link to, or print and distribute the Manager's Guide to TimeIPS to all managers using the TimeIPS system. Additionally, there is a Manager Introduction Video located at TimeIPS Training Videos.

  4. Employee Training - Prepare and distribute the Employee's Guide to TimeIPS to all employees using the TimeIPS system, including managers.


Administrator's Overview



Besides the installation and training, there are three key areas that a TimeIPS System Administrator MUST be informed about and comfortable with because these three areas MUST be configured correctly for your TimeIPS system to perform as efficiently as possible. These three areas are Overtime Policies, Workweek Groups, and Payroll Types. We will cover these three areas first.


Overtime Policies - Overtime Policies define how overtime is calculated for workweeks. Once you have reconciled your company policies with your local, state and federal regulations, you can then begin to set up your Overtime Policies within the TimeIPS system. For more instruction on how overtime policies work and the configuration of overtime policies within the TimeIPS system, please see the documentation below.
Workweek Groups - Workweek Groups allow administrators to manage sets of employees who follow the same workweek schedule and have their overtime calculation done in the same way.
Payroll Types - Payroll Types group employees with the same payroll period. Payroll runs once for each payroll period for each Type. Time Reports and Special Reports may be viewed by Payroll Type.

Once you have successfully and correctly configured the three main settings above, you can configure the other areas of the TimeIPS system as needed:



  • Troubleshooting

  • Enhancing Your TimeIPS System

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