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Applies to versions: 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

IPSSCH - Scheduling

The TimeIPS IPSSCH - Scheduling Module™ is an expansion module for the TimeIPS system that offers the flexibility of automatic clock controls for less deviation from scheduled work hours. With features such as Time Rounding, Time Snapping and Automatic Lunch Deductions, employers can use the TimeIPS IPSSCH Scheduling Module to prevent early clockins, eliminate the hassles of clocking in/out for lunches and accommodate time worked away from the clocking site. The Group Clocking feature offers the capability for managers and administrators to clock an entire group of employees in or out, drastically simplifying the manual time adjustment for groups of employees that may be working offsite, etc. Additionally, this module allows employers to import/export schedules and send automatic emails to employees within the employee management tab. Global settings make scheduling your workforce even easier by applying the same set of rules to all schedules. With features like setting automatic clocking times for employees on set schedules, optional automatic clocking of employees into different jobs at specified times, the ability to set minimum breaks, and the functionality of using job clocking to provide for pay differential, the Automatic Clocking feature makes the TimeIPS system a powerful tool for managing your work force.


  • Time Rounding
    • Round employee clock-in/out times to the nearest 1, 5, 6, 10, 15, 25, 30, 45 or 60 minute
  • Time Snapping
    • Prevent early clock-ins by snapping clock-in times forward to a designated start time
    • Accommodate early departures with after-work activity by snapping clock-out times forward to a designated end time
    • Set up to eight time snaps per employee or by group
    • Set time snaps for all days, or selected days of the week
  • Auto Lunch Deductions
    • Automatically clock selected employees out for lunch and/or a break after a designated number of worked hours
    • Eliminates the hassle of clocking out/in for lunch or break
    • Option to not deduct lunch if a lunch or break of the specified length was already taken
  • Group Clocking
    • Clock in/out a group of employees at one time
    • Option to clock into a job and to set a clock note
    • Drastically simplifies the process of manually adjusting time for each employee
  • Automatic Clocking
    • Automatically clock employees in, out or change jobs at set times. Used to clock employees out who forget to clock, or for employees on set schedules who don't need to clock.
    • Automatically clock employees out or change jobs after being clocked in for a set duration. Used to clock employees out who forget to clock.
    • Specify a default job for employees at set times. Used to automatically put employees in correct jobs, and to provide pay differentials via job pay rates at scheduled times.
    • Specify a minimum break for employees. Used to prevent employees who try to return from break or lunch too soon.
  • Repeating Schedules and Advanced Options
    • Allows for a set of parameters to be applied to all employees' schedules within the system.
    • Schedules can be repeated from 1 week up to 16 weeks with an option for the schedule to be made visible in the �My Schedule� section of My TimeIPS when the employee is logged on. Option to allow employee to see previous week's schedule and a user� defined number of future weeks of schedules.
    • Also includes an option to email the employees their schedules at a chosen time interval.
  • Hours-Balance-to-Schedule for Salary Employees
    • Allows automatic balancing of hours for salary employees.
    • Balance can be set to apply at the end of each day, or for a set number of days retroactively.
    • Balance can adjust work time and/or benefit time to ensure hours match schedule.
    • Alert system provides notice of when hours-to-schedule balance is needed and what automatic changes were made.
    • Salary Employee balance requires TimeIPS version 1.9.7 or later.



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