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Applies to versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Using Biometrics


TimeIPS has a biometric privacy policy, available on our public web site. We recommend that any company or organization using biometrics work with legal council to draft and deploy their own biometric privacy policy.  The policy should be written in a way that suits the laws of your state, along with the needs of your organization/business.


Because state laws and individual needs vary greatly, we are not able to provide an example or template for such a document. However, doing a web search for "biometric policy" provides further information and some examples for various states including Illinois which has the "BIPA" legislation to regulate the use of biometrics.


We highly recommend consulting with an attorney to create and implement a biometric policy wherever biometrics are used.


In addition, we highly recommend consulting with an attorney for guidance on obtaining written consent from employees before allowing them to use any biometric devices, including a TimeIPS network clock. In some cases, TimeIPS may also require written consent from employees before using Biometrics and/or TimeIPS may phase-out support for biometrics.


The Network Clock is primarily used to clock in and out. The clock also offers a System Menu which can be used to configure the device and access other functions. This article covers how to enable Biometrics.



Biometrics can be enabled or disabled using the system menu.  This can be useful when connecting external biometric devices, such as the hand reader.  Also, it can be useful for testing when biometrics are not needed. When you select "Auto" the clock will look for any connected biometric device and will attempt to activate it. If the menu goes back to None, the biometric device could not be detected or initialized.

If a clock has an internal biometric device (fingerprint reader) and an external one (hand reader), the external one will get priority and will be used instead of the internal one.

Starting from the Main Screen, simply press enter without entering a badge number to enter the system menu. Then, go down to "Use Biometrics" and press Enter.


  • System Menu (aka System Admin)
    Press Enter again without a Badge number.

    • Update Settings
    • Configure Network 
    • Play Test Sound
    • Use Biometrics
      • Auto
        • Probing for Device
      • None

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