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Applies to versions: 2.4, 2.5, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

QuickBooks Integration - Run Payroll

You have now setup QuickBooks and TimeIPS and are ready to run the integration.

Switch to multi-user mode in QuickBooks.

  • Go to the File menu - Switch to Multi-User Mode option.


    Run the qbTimeIPS.exe file.

    • Double-click on the qbTimeIPS.exe file you downloaded and saved to your computer when Setting up TimeIPS.

      NOTE: The qbTimeIPS.exe client must be running each time you run the payoll integration. The screen above should be open.



    Run payroll in TimeIPS.

    1. In the TimeIPS Payroll Export page, select an export Type, Payroll Type/Employees, Date Range/Pay Period, etc.

    2. Click on the Prepare Payroll for Export button.

    3. If prompted, allow TimeIPS to access employee's data in QuickBooks.

      If running the integration for the first time, the prompt similar to this will appear:

      1. Check Allow this application to access Social Security Numbers and other personal data.

      2. Click on the Yes, Always button.
        NOTE: The export matches TimeIPS employee records to QuickBook records by employee's names. Therefore, the integration must have access to this personal data everytime the integration is run.

      3. Confirm the access by clicking on the Yes button.

      Once the integration is complete, you can successfully close down the qbTimeIPS.exe program by clicking on the close icon (X) in the upper right hand corner.

      WARNING: Once the TimeIPS data (hours worked) is successfully integrated with QuickBooks, the payroll data will be marked as "Payrolled" in TimeIPS and those hours will not be sent via the integration again.

      Verify hours in QuickBooks by going to Employees -> Enter Time -> Use Weekly Timesheet. Hours should appear for the employees on the dates exported, with each segment of time an employee worked showing on the day of work. Customer: Job, Service Item and Payroll Item and Note will all appear, if configured in the QuickBooks export. See example below:

      When you're ready to run payroll in QuickBooks, hours will appear in Employees -> Pay Employees. Hours for each pay type will appear in a column for each employee. Final adjustments to hours or pay types can be made on individual paychecks, if necessary. See example below:

      Now that you have setup QuickBooks and TimeIPS and have successfully integrated your Payroll data, you can simply Run Payroll next payroll period.

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