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Applies to versions: 3.0, 3.1, 3.2

Relay Control: Manage Relay Timers/Schedules

Relay Timers/Schedules allow the configuration of relays to trigger at set times to match your schedule. This is useful for signaling shift changes or the beginning/ending of break periods.

To use the relay triggers/timers you must purchase and install a TimeIPS® Relay Control unit from our secure website. You can install one TimeIPS® Relay Control unit per TimeIPS® Clock and activate up to three devices for a specified amount of time.



Using the left pane Main Menu » Administration, click on: Clocking » Relay Controls

 Click on the Manage Relay Timers/Schedules button or the Relay Timers icon at the top.






Add a New Relay Timer

  • Select an Action to occur at the specified time.

  • Select one or more Relay Channels to be affected by this timer rule. To select multiple relay channels, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking.

  • Select the Time the relay channel(s) specified above should occur.

  • Select the Duration, in seconds, before the timer action reverses itself. If not specified, the action will not be reversed.

  • If you would like the timer to Repeat for the duration specified above after a given amount of minutes, specify that value in the first box. If the repeating should stop after a set amount of minutes, specify that time in the second box. Both fields are optional.

  • Select one or more Days when this timer will work. To select multiple days, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking.

  • Select the TimeIPS® Clock Stations that are allowed to trigger this event. To select multiple TimeIPS® Clocks, hold down the Ctrl key while clicking. You may wish to name your stations in the Clock Configuration area.

  • Click the Create Timer button.


The created Relay Timers appear at the bottom of the page where they can be Edited, Deactivated, or Deleted.

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