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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

Daylight Saving Time Changes

The start and end dates for Daylight Saving Time changed in 2007, due to the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Daylight Saving Time in the United States previously started on the first Sunday in April and ended on the last Sunday in October. The changes, implemented with the passage of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, shift both the beginning and ending date for Daylight Saving Time, starting in 2007.

Daylight Saving Time will now begin on the the second Sunday in March and end on the first Sunday in November.

Year Start End
2006 April 2 October 29
2007 March 11 November 4
2008 March 9 November 2
2009 March 8 November 1

TimeIPS complies with these changes as of version 1.1.5. Systems on previous versions of TimeIPS will need to be updated to comply with these changes. Your version of TimeIPS can be identified in the footer of each TimeIPS page, as shown in the example below:

If your system is on an earlier version of TimeIPS (such as 1.0.x) and your Software Update Contract is in effect, update your system. Click here to learn how: Updating TimeIPS

Confirm Your Time Zone Setting

TimeIPS will automatically shift the time by one hour if your time zone indicates that your location observes Daylight Saving Time.

Security Level Required: System Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » System Administration » System Settings

If your location observes Daylight Saving Time, confirm that your selected time zone ends with "(DST)," as shown in the example above. When Daylight Saving Time goes into affect, TimeIPS will automatically increment the time from March 11th at 1:59 am in your time zone to March 11th at 3:00 am. If your selected time zone does not end with "(DST)," TimeIPS will not shift the time.

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