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Manager's Guide to TimeIPS V1.6  Popular
Description: This document provides a template for creating your own Manager Guide for your TimeIPS system. Covers viewing employee status, editing employee clock in/out times, running tardy reports, incident tracking, schedules, benefit approvals and timesheet approvals. Most installations will not use all these features, and/or will not include all the modules needed for these features, so you can delete the areas that are not applicable, and add additional details as needed. Use with TimeIPS Version 1.6. This document is provided in the .odt open document format. Open and edit in a standards-compliant word processor, such as Openoffice.org Writer (free download from openoffice.org).
Version: | File size: 869.79 Kb
Added on: 11-Dec-2008 | Downloads: 2719
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Implemention Flow Chart  Popular
Description: Implementation flow chart for initial TimeIPS configuration planning.
Version: 1.01 | File size: 48.84 Kb
Added on: 09-Jan-2009 | Downloads: 1758
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TimeIPS Installation Binder V1.6  Popular
Description: TimeIPS installation and preparation overview. Use with TimeIPS Version 1.6.
Version: 1.0 | File size: 3.62 MB
Added on: 09-Jan-2009 | Downloads: 1694
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Employee's Guide to TimeIPS V1.8 to V1.11  Popular
Description: This Employee's Guide to TimeIPS Template provides a starting point in the preparation of a customized training handbook for your employees. Use with TimeIPS Version 1.8 to 1.11
Version: 1.00 | File size: 1.39 MB
Added on: 10-Nov-2010 | Downloads: 1649
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TimeIPS QuickBooks qbTimeIPS.exe  Popular
Description: QuickBooks Payroll Integration Client Applet supporting standard push mode and new pull mode for TimeIPS 1.11 and later, ideal for networks where TimeIPS cannot directly communicate with the computer running QuickBooks.
Version: 2014 | File size: 383.50 Kb
Added on: 20-Sep-2012 | Downloads: 1597
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