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Registered: TimeIPS Support Portal is now available!
Posted by: TimeIPS Staff on Sep 30, 2005 - 09:35 AM
TimeIPS News 
Welcome to the TimeIPS Support Portal, the TimeIPS online support and information center!

The TimeIPS Support Portal includes helpful tools such as a comprehensive and searchable knowledge base, user forums, news articles, and more!

The TimeIPS Support Portal includes these helpful tools:

  • The Knowledge Base includes information on using TimeIPS to save your company time and money. It includes a Getting Started quick reference as well as basic trouble-shooting steps to common TimeIPS support questions.

    • Ask a Question and the Knowledge Base will provide a list of the most relevant articles.

    • View the Table of Contents for a list of articles organized in the same manner as the TimeIPS Main Menu.

    • Browse the Article index for a complete list of available articles.

  • View the Table of Contents

  • The Web Links section contains links to other sites that may be helpful to TimeIPS users.

  • The News section includes news articles regarding coming features and products and news relevant to TimeIPS customers.

  • The FAQ section includes general questions and answers regarding the Support Portal and getting help with TimeIPS.

  • The Downloads section contains programs, tools, and examples that we recommend for use with your TimeIPS system.

  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact TimeIPS Technical Support at 1.888.336.4418 x2.

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TimeIPS Support Portal is now available!

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