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Welcome to the TimeIPS Support Portal

Complete on-line documentation and support for TimeIPS systems.

TimeIPS hosted/cloud-based "ASP service" is now available:
We recommend that all existing on-site sever installations consider conversion to our cloud-based service. This service has a number of important advantages including:
  1. Access to the latest TimeIPS software, including the newest version. All current and future updates included with the service at no additional charge.
  2. Access to all TimeIPS modules, options, licenses and features. All included with the service at no extra charge.
  3. Operation on high-performance server hardware in our data-center. Enjoy optimal speed and responsiveness of the TimeIPS system.
  4. Data security with our daily backup plan, included with the service at no extra charge.
  5. Hassle free operation. No server to operate, maintain or warranty. No need to maintain an Internet connection with static IP, port forwards, etc.
  6. Support for walk-up clocks, PC/smart-phone browser based clocking and telephone clocking.
  7. With telephone clocking, our low monthly costs are often significantly less than maintaining local phone lines. Also, our large bank of lines allow multiple employees to clock quickly without busy-signals.
  8. Easy same-day conversion from an on-site existing server without data loss.
  9. Low monthly per-employee fee is affordable for every business or organization size.

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The TimeIPS Support Portal includes these helpful tools:

  • The Getting Started article provides information and links to step-by-step instructions for setting up and getting started with TimeIPS.
  • The Administrator's Implementation Guide is a comprehensive guide for TimeIPS administrators for transitioning to, configuring and understanding TimeIPS.
  • The What's New article includes information about the many new features and enhancements to recent TimeIPS software releases.

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    • The Web Links section contains links to other sites that may be helpful to TimeIPS users.

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contact TimeIPS Technical Support
at support@timeips.com.

New Implementation Guides
Posted by: TimeIPS Support on Saturday, September 05, 2020 - 09:24 AM
TimeIPS News 
The TimeIPS Support Portal now has comprehensive Implementation Guides for Administrators, Managers and Employees. Click on the corresponding link below to see these helpful and informative guides.

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