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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4

Tabbed Employee Administration View

Employee Administration stores information on each of your employees, including their login username/password, ID/badge number, and current employment status.

Security Level Required: Employee Administrator or Payroll Administrator

Using the left pane Main Menu, click on: Administration » Employee Management » Employees.

To Add a New Employee:

  1. Click on the Add New Employee icon at the top of the page or the Add New Employee button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the required information for the employee.

    • First Name and Last Name fields are used to identify the employee. You may enter middle name and preferred first name once the employee's record is created on the employee's Personal tab.
    • NOTE: The employee name format that will be used in the administrative sections of TimeIPS can be defined in Administration » System Administration » Master Configuration. The employee name format that will be used on the display when employees successfully clock can be defined in Administration » System Administration » Client Configuration.

    • The Employee ID/Badge Number is 1-64 alphanumeric characters. The employee will either key this number into the key pad or swipe, scan, or touch the corresponding badge/device through a reader to clock in and out.

    • TimeIPS uses the Start Date to determine benefit accruals and Holiday waiting periods when using the Accruals feature. See Quick Books Integration with Benefits Tracking optional module for more information.
    • TimeIPS uses Payroll Types to group employees with the same payroll period and Holiday qualifications. Payroll is run once for each Payroll Type. Time Reports and Special Reports may be run per Payroll Type. Payroll Types are defined in Payroll Types section under Payroll and Reports.
    • TimeIPS uses Departments to designate employee groups in the Directory and on the Currently In Employees Status View. The employee's Department is included on most exported reports for sorting purposes. Departments are defined under Employee Management » Departments.
    • The Pay Type indicates if the employee is “Salary” or “Hourly”.
    • The Status indicates if the employee is “Full Time” or “Part Time”.
    • “Yes” in the Employed field indicates that the employee is currently employed by the company. When an employee is terminated, select “No” and indicate whether they are available for rehire or not.
    • The Accruals Begin date is the day you want TimeIPS to begin calculating sick and vacation time. You will enter the employee's current available sick and vacation in the Benefits section or through the Benefits Import.
      NOTE: After this date is set, it can only be changed using the Benefits import function.
    NOTE: [Beginning with TimeIPS v1.4.9] If your company uses Site administration, Site Managers, managers of Site Managers, and Employee Administrators will see an extra option (outlined in red below) in the Add Employee window which provides them with the ability to assign the new employee to a site immediately upon creation of the employee record.

  3. Click on the Create Employee button to add the employee to the Employee table. The screen will refresh with the employee's information expanded.
  4. Enter/Edit additional information as applicable for the employee.
    NOTE: The information is saved when you click on another tab, collapse the employee's record using the negative (-) sign to the left of the Employee's Name, or edit another employee's record.

The Employee Administration Page

Required tab

The Employee's Required Information Tab

Personal tab

The Employee's Personal Information Tab


To Add a Photo

  1. Click on Edit Photo. The employee's Personal tab will expand as shown below.

  2. Click on the Browse button and navigate to the folder containing the employee's photo.
    TIP: Employee photos can be taken with a regular digital camera and then saved to your computer or loaded directly from the camera's memory card.
    NOTE: Employee photographs must be saved in .png or .jpg format for use with TimeIPS barcode ID badges. Images over 180 x 180 pixels will be scaled to fit the ID badge.
  3. Select the employee's photo and click on Upload New Photo.
  4. The employee's photo will appear.

  5. TIP: To hide the employee's photo section, click on the "Hide Photo" button.

    NOTE: To delete an employee's photo, click on the "Delete Current Photo" button.

Employment tab

The Employee's Employment Information Tab

Contact tab

The Employee's Contact Information Tab

Emergency tab

The Employee's Emergency Information Tab

Email tab

The Employee's Email Information Tab

Miscellaneous tab


The Employee's Miscellaneous Information Tab - Notes


The Employee's Miscellaneous Information Tab - Documents

  1. Click on the Documents tab to attach documents associated with the employee.
  2. Click the Browse button and navigate to the document.
  3. Enter identifying information about the document in the Description field and click on the Add Document button.
  4. Check the box for Make Public if you would like the document to appear on the employee's Documents list in Classic View.
  5. TIP: The documents section can be used to store employee-related documents such as job applications, W-2's, and contracts.

    NOTE: Documents saved in this area can be included in your back-ups by choosing "System Administration » Backups" and clicking on the "User Media Backup" option. Please note, however, that this may increase the file size of your back-ups signficantly.


The Employee's Miscellaneous Information Tab - Demographics

Hire Notes

The Employee's Miscellaneous Information Tab - Hire Notes


Administrative tab

The Employee's Administrative Information Tab

View TimeIPS Access Levels for more information about the different permissions.

Schedule tab

The Employee's Schedule Tab

Helper tab

The Employee's Helper Tab

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