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Applies to versions: 1.3, 1.4, 1.5

TimeIPS Access Levels

Six access levels are available to designate an employee's permissions within TimeIPS. Access to TimeIPS does NOT affect an employee's ability to clock in and out.

Employee (No Login Access)

Employees without a username and password have No Login Access to TimeIPS. They can clock in and out of the time station but cannot login to the web pages.

Employee (No Login Access) is designed for temporary workers, certain types of contract workers and possibly part time staff that are seasonal in nature, that do not need access to TimeIPS in the normal course of their work. Employees without a username and password defined do not have TimeIPS login access.

Access includes:

Employee (Login Access)

Employees with a defined username and password can view their work schedule, work history, and other useful information to personally track their attendance without having to interupt their manager or Human Resources personnel.

Employee (Login Access) is designed for use by the full-time (and possibly part-time regular) non-management employees. Employees with a username and password defined have TimeIPS login access.

Access includes:

Employee (No Login Access) plus


Managers can better manage their employees' time and attendance by the reporting and automatic alerts features of TimeIPS.

Manager access is designed to provide managers the ability to handle routine management of their direct employees and jobs, ability to make changes to existing employee records, but not able to view or adjust other manager's employee information. If a manager is set up as their own manager they will be able to edit their own time information; do not set a manager up as their own manager if this is not the desired behavior.

Access includes:

Employee (Login Access) plus

Employee Administrator

The Employee Administrator maintains employees records and assists managers in their responsibilities.

Employee Administrator access is designed to provide a separate function to set up and administer employee information records for the entire business. This security level can adjust all employees' time and information (excluding pay rates and pay types).

Access includes:

Manager access plus

System Administrator

The System Administrator maintains the TimeIPS network, makes backups, updates the system, and other maintenance on the TimeIPS system.

System Administrator access is designed to provide system level control to a PC/network technician in smaller company, or designated IT person in a medium to large size company.

Access includes:

Employee (Login Access) plus

  • Setup and configure the TimeIPS system, including the time/date and networking information.
  • Monitor time station access to master time station.
  • Download and review release notes on updates. Review new optional modules and provide information to management on what modules can better meet the company's needs.
  • Ensure that regular backups are made and stored in a safe location.
  • Place orders for TimeIPS service extensions, optional modules, and additional hardware.

Payroll Administrator

The payroll administrator maintains employee payroll information and runs payroll.

Payroll Administrator access is designed to provide full access to view and edit all TimeIPS information except the "System Administration" menu options. This is the top employee and job privilege setting in the system. When combined with System Administrator access, this position has full access to all information in TimeIPS. Usually this position is held by a top management person or owner/operator and a designated payroll person in a smaller company. For medium and larger size businesses, consider giving this access level to several senior management employees, such as one in Human Resources and one in Payroll.

Access includes:

Employee Administrator access plus:

NOTE: You can combine access levels to increase an employee's administrative permissions.

NOTE: You can have more than one employee with any specific permission level.

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